I thought and I though

Of something to give,

To someone special

Who helped me live.


Before …. I was sad

And felt so alone,

My legs wouldn’t take me

I was left on my own.


After these three weeks

I felt like somebody new,

My tightness is gone

My legs carry me through.


So I wrote these words

For you to see,

And remind yourself often

That you’re special to me.


There are no words to express

My thanks for what you do,

My life is happier

Because of YOU!

Kayden Letters and Family xxx – SDR – April 2016

Benedetta Pettorini MD

We have massively benefitted from this one to one support and direction and as a parent I was left empowered to make a difference to my son’s development. I think the one to one, often at home has exacerbated our positive experiences with the service.

SALT TEAM – Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

I felt I could be honest with our therapist about how I was finding the work we were doing and be listened to. I also felt I really had a role, as I was so involved in the programmes of work and trained in how I could put interventions in to place. We were always given plenty of written guidance too, with useful reminders of our goals and ways to implement the intervention with tips on moving forwards too. Input from the SALT assistant was brilliant.

SALT TEAM – Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital