Neuro Vascular

(Chair) Ian Kamaly – Asl, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon RMCH


Conor Mallucci, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon AHCH

Ian Kamaly – Asl, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon RMCH

A J Sinha

Anna Visca

Dan Holsgrove


Hans Naher

Andrew Healey

Arun Chandran

Mani Puthuran

Amit Herwwadkar


Grace Vassallo

Rachel Kneen

Mike Griffiths

Ranjith Menon

Nurse specialists: 

Dawn Hennigan

Leanne Davies

The NW Paediatric neuro-vascular Network is comprised of a core group with a Chair, vice-Chair and core members who are specialists from a wide range of neuro-vascular associated disciplines. Specialists are from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) or Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool (AH), Salford Royal and Walton Centre (adults)  such that each specialist has a corresponding colleague at the partner institution.

(elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)

Vice Chair (elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)

Neuro-vascular nursing lead (elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)


Current Membership (as of January 2016):

Chair = Mr Ian Kamaly   (Paediatric Neurosurgeon, RMCH)

Vice-Chair =  Dr Hans Nahser  (Interventional Neuro-radiologist WC)

Nursing lead = Dawn Hennigan, AH CH

Core Members:

Neurosurgeons:           Conor Mallucci,  Ian Kamaly – Asl, AJ Sinha, Anna Visca, Dan Holsgrove

Neuro-radiologists:     Hans Naher, Andrew Healey, Arun Chandran, Mani Puthuran, Amit                                   Herwwadkar

Neurologists:              Grace Vassallo, Rachel Kneen,  Mike Griffiths, Ranjith Menon

Nurse specialists:         Dawn Hennigan, Leanne Davies

The group shall provide a forum for discussion of all aspects of paediatric neuro-vasclar disease, and shall promote collaboration to reach the following objectives:

  • To enable an effective working network, utilizing the combined expertise and advantages of the individual sites.
  • To allow clinical decision making in paediatric neuro-vascular to be performed across a wider network of experts, achieving greater consensus for difficult/complex cases.
  • To establish experience on a database of patients that would be unparalleled in size elsewhere in the UK.
  • To provide an opportunity for data sharing across the network which in turn supports governance and improvement in outcomes for patients.
  • To potentially brand the network as a second opinion centre for external regions, with experts using state-of the-art technology etc.
  • To develop a joint long term plan/opportunity for national commissioning e.g. Vein of Galen.
  • To create a seamless co-operative group of clinicians across the paediatric and adult neuro-vascular sites.


The North West Paediatric neuro-vascular network will:

  • Initially meet in person quarterly at alternating partner sites (AH, RMCH) for business discussion, joint audit and activity figures, academic presentations and case based debates with a view to incorporating meetings by videoconferencing over time.
  • Encourage the use of partner sites to be paediatric neuro-vascular second opinion institutions for the corresponding site for cases requiring immediate attention.
  • Report annually to the Regional Neurosciences Network.