Neuro Oncology

The North West Neuro-oncology Network has been created as a subgroup component of the North West and North Wales Neurosciences Network

The group will report annually to the larger Regional Neurosciences Network

Over time, it is hoped to incorporate additional regions including Northern Ireland and North Wales. The network intend in time to conduct meetings using videoconferencing.

John-Paul Kilday, Consultant Paediatric Neuro-Oncologist (Service Lead) RMCH
Barry Pizer, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist AHCH
Conor Mallucci, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon AHCH

The NW Neuro-oncology Network is comprised of a core group with a Chair, vice-Chair and core members who are specialists from a wide range of neuro-oncology associated disciplines. Specialists are from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) or Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool (AH) such that each specialist has a corresponding colleague at the partner institution.

Chair (elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)

Vice Chair (elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)

Neuro-oncology nursing lead (elected from members, term of office 2 years, renewable)

Membership is also encouraged from individuals with a particular clinical or research interest in brain tumours where their input is felt to enhance the group’s development.

Chair = Dr John-Paul Kilday (Paediatric Neuro-oncologist, RMCH)
Vice-Chair = Professor Barry Pizer (Paediatric Neuro-oncologist, AH)
Nursing lead = Joanne Page, RMCH

Core Members:

Oncologists:                B Pizer, J Hayden, JP Kilday, A Penn, M McCabe
Neurosurgeons:           C Mallucci, C Parks, I Kamaly – Asl, V Josan, S Bukhari, B Pettorini
Neuroradiologists:       S Avula, L Abernethy, S Stivaros
Pathologists:               D du Plessis, A Kelsey, E Cheeseman
Clinical oncologists:  G Whitfield, R Colaco, N Thorp
Neurologists:              G Vassallo
Endocrinologists:        J Blair, P Clayton
Nurse specialists:         J Page, D Williams

The North West Neuro-oncology Network will:

  • Initially meet in person once every two months at alternating partner sites (AH, RMCH) for business discussion, academic presentations and case based debates with a view to incorporating meetings by videoconferencing over time.
  • Encourage the use of partner sites to be Neuro-oncology second opinion institutions for the corresponding site for cases requiring immediate attention.
  • Report annually to the Regional Neurosciences Network.

The group shall provide a forum for discussion of all aspects of paediatric CNS tumours, and shall promote collaboration to reach the following objectives:

  • To enable an effective working network, utilizing the combined expertise and advantages of the individual sites (Intra-operative MRI, proton beam therapy etc.).
  • To allow clinical decision making in neuro-oncology to be performed across a wider network of experts, achieving greater consensus for difficult/complex cases.
  • To establish experience on a database of patients that would be unparalleled in size elsewhere in the UK.
  • To provide an opportunity for data sharing across the network which in turn supports governance and improvement in outcomes for patients.
  • To potentially brand the network as a second opinion centre for external regions, with experts using state-of the-art technology etc.

  • To promote paediatric neuro-oncology research, audit and potentially therapeutic pathway /clinical trial development across the North West of England
  • To review and implement regional cancer standards for paediatric neuro-oncology
  • To provide an expert group which can provide recommendations for the delivery of care to patients with CNS tumours
  • To provide an expert voice on the commissioning, delivery and quality of services for children and young adults with CNS tumours in the North West of England
  • To support primary treatment centres and Shared Care units in the development of paediatric neuro-oncology services across the Network
  • In time, to provide a national/international second opinion committee.