Rachel Kneen

Rachel is a Paediatric Neurologist who has a clinical interest in epilepsy, particularly management with the ketogenic diet. She leads the Alder Hey Ketogenic Therapy Service and is also involved in national research studies into ketogenic therapy: collaborator on the Ketogenic Diet in Infants with Epilepsy (KIWE) study. She is also a member of the Northern Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service (NorCESS) team. She is the Northwest lead for the Paediatric Epilepsy Training (PET) courses run by the British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA). She has a clinical interest in Neurovascular disorders and works as a member of the Neurovascular Multidisciplinary Team. In 2011 she established a new clinical service to develop and improve the management of children with Neuro-inflammatory disorders with the Rheumatology Team. This service is managing children with a wide range of autoimmune neurological disorders including those with autoimmune encephalitis and demyelinating disorders.

She is an honorary member of the Liverpool Brain Infections Group and an Associate Member of the Institute of Infection and Global Health (www.liv.ac.uk/infection-and-global-health) and has a clinical and research interest in paediatric brain infections. She is particularly interested in improving the management of children with suspected or proven brain infections, particularly those with viral encephalitis. She is a medical advisor to the Meningitis Research Foundation and a member of the professional advisory panel for the Encephalitis Society. As part of her links with the Liverpool Brain Infections Group, she established the annual Liverpool Neuro-infectious Diseases course with three other colleagues in 2008. She has published widely in the area of brain infections and epilepsy with over 85 publications in international peer reviewed journals. She is an associate editor for the journal Archives of Diseases in Childhood (BMJ publishing).