Benedetta Pettorini


Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon AHCH

Benedetta Pettorini qualified as a doctor (MD) from the Catholic University of Rome, in Italy, in 2002. Her basic surgical and neurosurgical training took place in Rome. Thereafter her advanced Paediatric Neurosurgical training was completed in United Kingdom with a Fellowship in Paediatric Neurosurgery in Birmingham Children’s Hospital and in Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Miss Pettorini is a full time Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust since 2011, one of the busiest paediatric hospitals in Europe.


  • MD, European Specialty Qualification in Neurosurgery. Qualified in 2002.
  • Neurosurgical training at the Catholic University of Rome, Italy. Qualified in 2007.
  • Paediatric Neurosurgery fellowships at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Department and Specialties

Consultant Neurosurgeon at Alder Hey Children’s’ NHS Foundation, Liverpool, UK.

Miss Pettorini started in pediatric Neurosurgery in Alder Hey Hospital 01 June 2011 following her Clinical fellowship in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London from December 2010 – May 2011. She has trained in several countries during her training.

Chief of Operative Care at Alder Hey Children’s’ NHS Foundation, Liverpool, UK.

Miss Pettorini has recently accepted the role of Chief of Operative Care here at Alder Hey commencing August 2016. Miss Pettorini is in charge of the Best in Operative Care Group which is aiming to improve utilization, productivity and safety of the theatres department at Alder Hey.


Clinical Interests

Miss Pettorini’s areas of particular interest are all areas of Paediatric Neurosurgery including hydrocephalus (shunts and basic and complex endoscopy), Chiari malformation, spinal dysraphisms, neuro-oncology (brain and spinal tumours), spasticity treatment (Baclofen pump, selective dorsal rhizotomy, peripheral neurectomy), neurosurgery in prematurity.

She is part of the multidisciplinary neuro-oncology team and multidisciplinary spasticity team at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

She runs an outreach clinic in Stoke on Trent providing paediatric neurosurgery service for the area, and an outreach clinic in Belfast providing selective dorsal rhizotomy service for Northern Ireland.

Current Memberships

SBNS – Society of British Neurosurgeons

ISPNO – International Society Pediatric Neuro-Oncology

ISPN – International Society Pediatric Neurosurgery

BPNG – British Paediatric Neurosurgery Group

Core member of neurosurgery and craniopharyngioma groups of SIOP-E (European

Society Paediatric Neuro-Oncology)

Additional information

Miss Pettorini is in charge of surgical site infection surveillance and prevention at Alder Hey. Since a SSI bundle was introduced in neurosurgery, rates of infection in the Neurosurgical department has significantly reduced. She is in charge of recording incidents of surgical site infection (SSI), to help to improve surgical practice and prevent infections.

Having introduced Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) as a new treatment for spasticity in the region in 2012, Miss Pettorini leads the service which had been commissioned in 2014 as one of the five units to provide a commissioned service by NHS England. The spasticity service has been awarded with the “Investing in Children’s Service” national award.

Miss Pettorini has received a grant from Children with Cancer UK for research in Craniopharyngioma in the context of an international multicentre consortium.

Miss Pettorini is involved in regular teaching with trainee doctors and medical students providing regular support and guidance.

She has been part of the local organizing committee of the ISPNO meeting hold in Liverpool in 2016 and she is part of the organizing committee and faculty of the Paediatric Neurosurgery Masterclass since 2012.

She has been awarded Top Chief Investigator by NIHR in 2015.

Miss Pettorini has presented and been invited to several national and international meeting and has published several publications.


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